Why not use what you’ve got?

Why not use those marketing tools?

We’ve worked in agency collectively for 25 years before branching out into virtual reality.   We think it has given us a unique insight into how residential property works and what agents actually do.   We were wrong.

Most estate agents have such a limited understanding of how to generate business it’s a small wonder that so many make it to managerial level.  Although to be fair this quite often happens through the being the only person left in an office.  Sadly deluding the recipient of such a promotion as a mark of ability, rather than just time elapsing.  Anyway, we now get to see the stats, directly, of how an agent performs when provided with a new marketing tool.

Two camps.

Very much a tale of two camps.  A small percentage of agents who bother to proactively utilise the tools they are given and a large rump of agents who rely purely on someone else.  That someone else could be the office administrator who having not been given something becomes a useful prop when it is discovered nothing is going on.   It could be the applicants who aren’t bothering to enquire about an overpriced property.  It’s most likely to be the vendor though, those pesky people who through their own greed believe the inflated nonsense of a price and are then berated for not swiftly reducing the price when no enquiries come in.

Heaven forbid that someone actually makes an effort to a) tell the truth from the outset b) have the guts to turn down something you know you can’t sell or c) does everything in their power using all of the tools they have got to generate viewings.

Nobody will see what you don’t show.

We make virtual reality ready tours for people.  Just because they have been made doesn’t mean they get seen.   We recently were asked by one of our biggest clients to provide a statistical break down of each of the tours we’ve done for them, how many impressions each one has had, how many visits and how many unique visitors?  The tours that were actually shared with their database of people looking and put swiftly onto the portals were viewed by hundreds of people and very quickly.   The tours that were ordered by a department and then sat on were not,  sadly for that department you can’t hide from facts (this isn’t politics).

Noting that our tours are still not being used properly we still have 50.4% CTR on impression to visits.   On our more successful tours the number of visits when compared to impressions is nudging 90%.

A useful tool.

If someone had provided us with a tool that virtually guaranteed a strike rate of 50% on email shots of people looking at what you were sending out, we would be all over it.  For all those agents still bleating on about calls, why not tee up a call list by first showing them something they might well actually want to look at?

I won’t even bother to talk about the difference in statistics with the clients we have who aren’t in agency.   It just paints a much bleaker picture.  I now know how Rightmove, Zoopla and Reapit feel when they used to come to our offices and tell us what we were NOT doing.  Frustrated.  You can see now why the likes of Yopa and Purplebricks are flying.