VR is Mobile

Immersive marketing wherever you want.

We think VR is incredibly powerful and the best way to view property digitally and remotely.  What isn’t often considered though when thinking about VR for marketing is it’s relative mobility.

VR can be broken down neatly into two areas.

  • VR powered by a mobile device such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream.
  • Every other VR device.  Some are tethered, some standalone but all require either a powerful computer built into the HMD (head mounted display) or to be attached to a machine setup for gaming.

Both are relatively mobile.

Mobile mobile VR…


The VR set ups powered by mobile devices don’t need much explanation.  Put the device into a headset wherever you are and view.   Obviously if you are trying to show streamed content in an area with no internet this isn’t going to work.   However if you have some spaces set up ready and enough battery then this is pretty straightforward.

VR presentations through a mobile device can be shown anywhere a person could stand or sit.

High end VR.

To set up what is basically the best room scale VR, with a headset like the HTC Vive, you need a space of say 3m x 3m,  a couple of tripods, a suitable computer and a power source.   This is great for exhibitions, offices, demos, shops.



What this means is that incredibly immersive VR experiences (where you can actually walk around) can be demonstrated to people wherever you are planning to exhibit or show.   Everyone who has been up to our office or has had the VR stuff demoed to them off site has been blown away by the experience.   Imagine a situation where instead of handing out a brochure with some CGIs, floor plans and pictures of street signs of cool local streets, you could show a flat.  With options. Then if the person was keen, you could give them a branded headset and send them a link to view at home.

Much better.

While this tech is still new and fresh there are so many opportunities for anyone marketing property anywhere to harness the power of VR.   You just need the content and right mindset.