Could VR help with wedding venues?

Virtual reality for wedding venues

Everyone loves a good wedding.

Could Virtual Reality help choose the perfect venue?

For many, a wedding can be one of the most expensive events in their lives and a reflection of the couple getting married.  The wedding reception venue is one of the most important aspects of the day, arguably just as important as where the actual ceremony is held.

When planning the big day, couples can easily spend whole weekends driving around the country visiting wedding venues.  Seeking out that perfect place that is suitable, affordable and memorable.

Who would benefit?

Using VR to market venues offers both venue owners and potential clients an easy way to view a place without having to to physically go there.  The advantage for the bride and groom is that they can use VR to highlight a shortlist before making the trips in person, meaning no more wasted journeys visiting mis-sold venues.  It also means that more potential places can be seen during precious free time.

Venues could benefit from being able to show true representations of their property, adding value to their marketing offering.  After all, there is only so much you can get across in a series of static photos.

Setting up a virtual reality presentation of your venue at a wedding fair is a great way to show what you have and adds to the engagement with potential clients.  Plus it’s probably cheaper than printing out lots of brochures which invariably just end up in the recycling.

A real disruptor?

We’re not suggesting that visiting an actual venue will be replaced by VR but it could play an important part in the selection of potential wedding venues.  With virtual reality going mainstream, it could become part of the future for venue owners and brides.