VR will be a big part of the future

VR will be a big part of the future.

Virtual reality is finally here (well finally insofar as it is now accessible to everyone). VR has been kicking around for a while now but with £BNs invested over the last couple of years 2016 is the year it finally arrives and the scope is enormous.

The industry is going to be dominated initially by the games industry, with all of the major players involved in one way or another. The most notable of 2016’s releases will be Sony’s Playstation VR device.  The price point and the fact it can work in conjunction with the PS4 will bring VR into millions of homes before the end of 2016.

Google are the other significant player with a launch towards the end of 2016.  On the back of their already successful Google Cardboard experiment they will be launching the Daydream platform which will be similar to Samsung’s Gear VR device. This provides a much bigger platform for developers and content producers to work with as Google Cardboard is essentially an entry level VR foray into viewing 360 pictures.

With Samsung, HTC, Google, Facebook (Oculus) and Sony all chucking massive tranches of cash at VR it’s hard to see a scenario other than one where the industry becomes enormous.

There are numerous potential uses for VR but the one that benefits everyone will be the basic ability to fully experience a captured space or environment without physically being there. This in itself is the essence of VR and is the next big move forward for the global property industry. The ability to present and demonstrate what a building is like without actually being there is an incredibly powerful tool.