The Future?

we use a range of 360 cameras to capture and built virtual reality presentations of property

The VRPM Editor

Virtual Reality for Everyone

VRPM believe that everyone will want proper 3D virtual reality presentations within the next five years.   The existing enterprise hardware and cloud based platforms are ideal for professionals in the current space and we expect the quality to continue to improve.  Not everyone can afford expensive hardware and processing fees though.

The Editor is an ongoing development of a platform that supports a number of different cameras to produce VR presentations.   Using a combination of scanning and photogrammetry techniques we are able to quickly produce 3D models from 360 spherical images.

With new personal scanning technology coming to smartphones over the next few years and a surge in popularity of social VR will bring a wealth of opportunities.

VRPM Editor work

Kings Cross Capture

Clerkenwell Capture

360 CGI Model Test

Augmented Reality

Arguably augmented reality could be bigger than virtual reality, not in all industries but the two technologies offer very different experiences.  Anybody who has been lucky enough to try out the Microsoft Hololens will have come away impressed.  HMDs in one form or another are coming.

Google Tango is the other side of augmented reality via mobile devices rather than HMD (head mounted display).   Personal hand held scanners with the capability of room scale scanning and measuring.  Early uses for interior design companies are already out there and the ability to place digital objects in real environments is the essence of AR.

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