3D Virtual Reality Marketing for Small Business

virtual reality capture 3d model elephant and castle

Why not show off what you’ve got?

Although pretty much everyone has now heard of VR most people have either a) never tried it or b) think it’s really expensive.  This is now changing.

Google and Samsung have pioneered low cost virtual reality headsets that most people with a smartphone can use from about £15.  The technology is everywhere right now and loads more content is being produced, which means millions more pairs of VR glasses and headsets will be out there.

Any small business with a premises they want to show off should seriously be considering organising a VR tour if they want to engage better with potential new customers.  A virtual reality capture offers a proper insight into a place, check out this capture of a local business..


Right now we don’t think there’s a better way to show off a space, particularly if you have a pair of VR glasses around.  Try out one of these experiences and you can see what all the fuss is about.   

Our view is that if you have taken the time to make your business look as good as it can be then you should show it off to everyone.