Virtual Reality is set to revolutionise off-plan sales

Imagine the possibilities

Imagine being able to show a fully immersive 3D model of your new development in Central London to potential buyers in China.

Imagine being able to engage your purchasers by going one step beyond the traditional use of floorplans and artists impressions.

Imagine being able to give your potential purchaser the ability to select different colours and finishes in  property that doesn’t yet exist.

All this and more can be achieved by utilising Virtual Reality. We’re now at the stage where current VR tech can be used in a way to engage potential purchasers on a deeper level, giving them the freedom to experience new developments as if they were actually there. Potential purchasers will be able to freely move around ‘unbuilt’ properties using a set up like the HTC Vive.

An emotive purchase

Property purchases are often emotive, even when purchasing a new build off-plan. Giving the end-user the ability to experience the actual space, letting them see the gardens and walk through the entrance can massively help in enabling them to make the right selection. It will also help remove the anxiety attached to the feeling of the unknown.  Purchasers often wait several years for the development to be completed.

Young woman using virtual reality headset and her boyfriend or partner upset about this situation

Overseas and Exhibition Property Sales

VR will also change the way in which housebuilders market their new developments to overseas investors. Branded virtual reality experiences can be setup at overseas property expos, giving developers and agents a slick new way to market their new builds. The ability to take your show flat from London to Shanghai, easily and efficiently is way more impressive than a pile of floorplans and artistic impressions.