Virtual Reality for iOS – Finally

Matterport VR is now available on iPhone.

Matterport have launched their VR app for iOS which means that millions more people now have access to the largest library of virtual reality spaces.

Android users have been able to view around 300,000 spaces worldwide through either Google Cardboard or Gear VR after Matterport made all of their spaces available to view in virtual reality.    Now iPhone users have access to this impressive library along with the approximately 25,000 new spaces being added every month.

Minimum spec required to run the Matterport VR app is iOS 9.1 and an iPhone 5s.

We think this is a breakthrough for Matterport and VRPM, as it means that the vast majority of people can now access the spaces we capture in VR using their mobile phones.

It is another piece in the jigsaw for those forward thinking people who want to market their space across multiple platforms.  Access is very easy, just download the app and then when you see one of our Matterport spaces click on the ‘glasses’ icon and put your phone into your Cardboard viewer.

For more information please contact VRPM or just download the’Matterport VR’ app and start seeing.