Virtual Reality

For Estate and Letting Agents


How would VR benefit Estate and Letting Agents?

Virtual Reality offers the viewer a unique insight to a property that simply cannot be conveyed by just photographs and floor plans.  A virtual reality presentation of a property offers a way to show exactly how spacious a property feels and how each room and space connects with each other.  By creating an accurate 3D model of the property as the basis for a flexible VR tour the consumer can see exactly what a property looks like and then explore that property either using virtual reality glasses or via their computer/phone/tablet screen.

Won’t VR put people off some properties?

The more information that is presented about a property doesn’t put people off it increases the level of engagement with the listing.   By having VR tours of properties estate and letting agents would increase the amount of time that potential buyers and tenants spend with their listings.

This increase in time spent looking at a listing increases the chance of a good enquiry coming through.  Rightmove and Zoopla regularly tell their clients that more information and media in property listings is a good thing.  Every single good estate agent knows that high quality photos and a floor plan are a bare minimum in a competitive market.  The more forward thinking agents are now realising that the next move forward for marketing property is VR.

Isn’t Virtual Reality really expensive?

A virtual reality presentation is not that expensive to produce any more, unless you want to create an entirely bespoke VR presentation of a fictional property then it is only a little more expensive than traditional photos and a floor plan.

The cost to show potential buyers or tenants virtual reality within an office environment can be from as little as £15 for Google Cardboard or a few hundred £s for a setup such as the Samsung Gear VR or the new Google Daydream platform.

Property marketing is simply improved with virtual reality.

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