Virtual or Video?

A virtual tour or video tour?

What’s the difference?

At VRPM we keep having people booking our ‘video’ tours.  Even though we don’t do video tours.  We’re not selling these tours to people but there seems to be some sort of perception that if it’s hosted and it has a play button it is video.

We can arrange video tours (well, pretty youtube videos anyway) and we think that at the moment they kind of make sense because of the way the portals serve up content for estate agents and the ubiquity and understanding of youtube itself.    You can also make the videos in your own style as an agent.


Which kind of leads us onto one of the fundamental differences between video tours and virtual tours.  Style.  Virtual tours like the ones VRPM make can’t be styled.  The property can be styled but the presentation itself is of the whole property and the user has access to everything we can see when we go in – other than the occasional cupboard.


The second big difference is control.  You can pause a video, you can skip a chunk of the footage and you can switch off the sound.  This is pretty much it.  With a good virtual tour you can watch the highlight reel if you want (like a video) but you can pause, look around or go and have a look in a corner that’s not in the highlights.   Look up, down and around and not just at the edited ‘highlights’.

Basically you can see beyond the marketing pictures and really have a look at the space.

Consumer expectations are high and the property industry is only just starting to meet them.   The latest incarnation of the much maligned virtual tour is a big step in the right direction.