Unity for Property

virtual reality house for property maketing

An Unreal future in the property industry.

Two slightly misleading titles but true, Unity and Unreal are the best way to visualise property in a 3D virtual environment.   Both are not designed for the property industry but are the leading players in the ‘games engine’ market – the spaces in which people build computer games, visualisations and simulations.

unity and unreal games engines logos

These environments are also powering the new way to view property – in 3D.   Not as in silly-glasses-with-things-jumping-out-from-the-screen-at-you-3D but actual three dimensional spaces you can walk around.   Literally in many cases, figuratively in others.


The new way to visualise.


The architectural visualisation community is coming to terms with this new reality and are now competing in a space occupied by computers games designers and engineers.  With the tools of each trade becoming more user friendly the quality of product available for property developers is improving rapidly and the price is dropping.

The very best artists in architectural visualisation can now take the fanciful competition entry drawings and build them to scale in 3D – admittedly it is still very time consuming but the possibility is there – and allow people to immerse themselves in these spaces.


The Vive.


The significant leap during 2016 really has to be down to the emergence of the HTC Vive.  Although the Oculus Rift has been launched to much fanfare by owner Facebook, the HTC Vive is the current system of choice for games developers.  The Vive was very good from launch and improvements are naturally ongoing, making the best better.   The first system to really offer room scale VR to the masses and delivering it well.

htc vive virtual reality

There is no way that expensive still CGIs will be the dominant force in visualisation in the next two years.  The flexibility that Unity and Unreal offer to artists offer a whole new way of seeing things that aren’t built yet.



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