The Fear of New Stuff

Will Virtual Tours eventually replace photos?

As a company that creates VR ready virtual tours we’d like the answer to be yes.  Unfortunately for us, it’s just not going to happen right now.

Do we think our Matterport powered virtual tours are way better than photos and floor plans?  Of course we do – to suggest that 2D pics and a floor plan are better than something like the below you’d have to be an old school naysayer.

hill top house keswick

In our opinion there are four fundamental things slowing down the inevitable rise;

  1. Fear – the fear of new technology
  2. Blinkers – people denying what’s going on around them.
  3. Knowledge – companies just don’t know how to implement new tech
  4. Portals – lack of prominence on Rightmove and Zoopla

How do we combat this?

We keep producing VR ready virtual tours that are so mind blowingly good that potential clients see them and work out how to get around the above.

There are other ways….

To combat fear, ask the naysayer who regularly books to go away on holiday if they could see their accommodation presented like this, would it help?

Removing blinkers is easy, just give your new shiny tech to the young upstart in the office and see the level of engagement and deals they are getting on the back of it.  Or just wait until a client says ‘do you do virtual tours?’ – blinkers tend to fall off.

Knowledge is learned, so if you’re implementing anything, new tech, staff, cleaning regime, whatever, it just comes down to education.  It also means that companies have to look at internal hires that guide their new tech rather than just spin the question out to whoever sells them stuff.

Portals is the hardest for us but in fairness Rightmove and Zoopla are adopting the tech and trying to support it, we just think it’s a bit slow….

Eventually this will all boil down to the consumers expectations of what they expect to be able to see when.  Slowly but surely this way of presenting property is becoming mainstream.