Matterport – Why we decided to use it.

matterport VR

The ultimate virtual tour.

We first saw Matterport in May/June 2016.  A chance conversation between two of us got us extremely excited about the possibility of VR in property.  It finally seemed like VR was becoming a thing.

A few hours of research later and Matterport had cropped up – repeatedly.  Matterport themselves had done a sort of UK launch at a Proptech event and some of the more notable UK proptech bloggers had been to the event and dutifully trotted out MP’s press release.   At this time there was already a few super early adopters in the UK but the tours just weren’t out there.

We decided after a night that we would set up a virtual reality business purely on the back of what we had seen produced by Matterport.  We all had access to Samsung Gear VR set ups and one of the founders had a Vive so we could see immediately two sides to the business.  Capture and Build.   Capture spaces using Matterport and build spaces using Unreal or Unity.


About two weeks after this we thought that with the in-house skill set (the techish people anyway) we could probably build something close to Matterport at a much lower price point.  Matterport isn’t the cheapest.  A few months and a few thousand £ later we did pretty well but we just felt we weren’t getting close to delivering.

VRPM was set up to provide the best content for the property industry.   If the space didn’t exist we’d build it, if it did we’d capture it.  We knew we could produce the best ‘fictional’ spaces as we had access to the very best people but we couldn’t crack the capture.   As a team we just felt we would always be chasing something better and we set to deliver the very best content out there.

Matterport is far far more than just virtual reality content though and so much more than 360 pictures.   It is about 3D.  Depth.  Quality.  Delivery, and a platform upon which the company will grow.  We hope.  If somebody comes up with something better then we will have to take a look but right now we are confident that for the next few years nothing comes close to Matterport.