Are You Engaged?

engaged marketing

How do you engage with potential buyers and tenants?

Engagement is a massive word in marketing, it’s a massive word full stop – 10 whole letters.  The term engagement is like all of these words, like literally massively overused.

There is a reason for the word’s overuse though, it is one of the most important things to consider when thinking about property marketing.

How do I get people to look at my listing/ad/flyer/website?

The more engagement the buying and renting public have with your listings the more leads you will get.

So how do you improve engagement?  Give the audience something to do.

We launched our 3D capture service very recently, we’re not the first to the market and I have no doubt we won’t be the last in what will become a competitive space.  In this short time we have seen some amazing statistics;

An average of 133 views per 3D virtual tour for 3m 40s – a total engagement time of 488 minutes per tour.  That’s 8 hours spent viewing each property.  This is average and I can assure you is not skewed.

The click through rate from impressions to viewing the 3D tours is 31%.  31% is big in terms of click through rate.

Imagine if you could do 8 hours of viewing on each property you had on your books?  Firstly you wouldn’t have the time and secondly you wouldn’t have any property as you would have sold and let them all.

Immersive property marketing is far far far better than video for engagement which in itself is better than just professional pictures.  Professional pictures are way better than those done with a wide angle dSLR and no post production and those dSLR pics are better than ones taken with your phone.

Stay at the top of the tree and give people access to what you are marketing.   This is how you improve engagement.  Press ads with AR markers or QR codes which send the 3D VR tours straight to your phone.  Portal adverts with virtual tours.  E-flyer campaigns which encourage interactivity.

People love having a nose around property so give them something more to do.  Get engaged and get visual and I assure you business will tick up.

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