Immersive Integrations

Good 3D Tour Integrations

We did a short piece last week about getting the most out of your virtual tour which focused on tags within the tours and manipulating the URL parameters to suit your website.

We think these are some of the best examples we’ve seen so far.

Krispy Kreme and Power Rangers

The studio has used Matterport as part of their launch marketing and we think the tours make great use of the tags by introducing some richer media links and external brand sites to go to.  The movie studio did a before and after of a particular event in the film.

Before –

And after –

What’s slightly unusual about the first one is people.   We assume they had to stand really still!

Baskerville House, Birmingham

Just follow this link and scroll down – – the Matterport tour is embedded directly into the site to suit the client and makes use of the continuous loop and 360 pictures as part of the wider immersive tour.  The lift lobby and core is used as a jump off point to see different office floor plates.

Winkworth, London.

The team at Winkworth have worked a 3D tour directly in to their website – replacing what would typically be a photo as the header image –

We think when done right these really add to the web page or the tour itself.