Getting the most out of your Virtual Tour

Making sure these tours suit your business is important.

Matterport 3d virtual tours are the best, most user friendly interactive property tours available right now. Not only do they offer businesses a fully deliverable and engaging marketing tool, they are also flexible to suit the needs of the business. In this guide we highlight the features and options that are available in order for you to get the most from your immersive virtual tour.


Mattertags are tags that can be placed around your tour to highlight special features or areas of interest within the property. They are a great way to increase the dwell time and further engage the user, the examples below show places where tags could be used within a property:

Highlighting Features: Let users know about particular features such as a newly installed kitchen or a certain type of heating system.

Highlighting Areas of Interest: Use tags to highlight areas of interest to users, such as storage rooms or additional facilities.

Include Hyperlinks: Tags can also contain links to external websites or to connected virtual tours, as demonstrated in the example below.


We can include coding within the tour link which enables the tour to “quickstart” which means that it will load faster than normal. Using this function skips the initial dolls house fly-through and brings the user straight to the tour start point.

Highlight Reel

The included highlight reel can also be changed so that when the user clicks ‘play’ they can either be led through the property via a walkthrough or the pictures can change via a transitional method.

The VRPM default setting is the walkthrough as we believe that the user will get more of a sense of where the rooms are in relation to each other. That said the nice gently panning highlights do look really good.

Also If you don’t want a highlight reel at all it can be removed entirely.


Labels can be added to the top down floorplan view of the property enabling users to clearly identify which room is which.. The picture below shows an example of the labels in use.

Dolls House

This feature can be switched off at anytime.  Personally we think one of the really unique things about the Matterport tours are the ‘dolls house’ so we leave it on.

Presented By or Unbranded

This section contains information about who the property is presented by, where the property is, how the presenter can be contacted and a short description of the model.   It may be that like some of our clients you share the tour out with other agents, in which case you can have a totally unbranded version.

Virtual Reality

All of your tours have the Virtual Reality function enabled by default. This function allows users to view the tours using the Matterport VR app which is available via the iOS Appstore or via the Google Playstore.


All of the Matterport tours have a degree of flexibility in how they can be presented and because they are hosted any changes can be done without taking the tour down.   Some of the changes to the URL will involve switching out the new link with the old one but the main part of the URL remains unchanged so any default settings just stay the same.


These tours can be modelled and presented how you want to an extent.  They have been designed to be flexible in terms of how they look and how they can be embedded.