Virtual Reality for Property

VRPM can build perfectly rendered photo realistic virtual reality spaces for use with any kind of VR equipment.  Depending on how the unbuilt space or property is going to be presented VRPM can build a virtual reality presentation to suit the client.

We have partnered with a highly regarded architectural visualisation firm in order to provide what will be essential service for Developers, New Homes sales and Overseas Property Investors.

The ability to accurately present exactly what a building will look like both inside and out before it has been built is a powerful tool.  With accurate 3D visualisation of a building from the outside and then a virtual reality tour inside, anyone buying something off-plan can make a more informed decision.

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virtual reality house for property maketing

virtual reality house for property maketing

virtual reality house for property maketing

What would your ideal space look like?

VRPM can help you create your perfect ‘lobby’ space in which to host your virtual reality presentations.   Ever dreamed of having your perfect office on a beach, or on top of a skyscraper, maybe even on board the Millennium Falcon?

We can build a custom branded version of this to enable people to explore your virtual reality presentations.  With intuitive ways to search for and present property this is a superb addition to your digital real estate.

VRPM can build you an app


If you want to show your virtual reality presentations regularly and share them with potential clients then VRPM will build you an app.

Rather than just presenting VR on your website through Google Cardboard you can upload all of your tours to your app.  You or your clients will be able search and highlight a gallery of presentations, select and share favourite spaces.